CCN can only get things done if people are kind enough to volunteer their time, skills and effort. We realize that most of our members have very busy lives and most have to care for young children, so we welcome and appreciate very much any time and effort that you would like to volunteer.

Jobs for which volunteers will be needed include the following:

  • Organising events such as the 2010 Family Weekend.
  • Generating publicity materials and getting these to as many as possible of the people who might like to know about us as.
  • Being a future Chair / Secretary / Treasurer or other officer of CCN.
  • Putting together an annual newsletter.
  • Mailing a newsletter to members without internet access.
  • Writing articles for this website.
  • Writing your story for this website.
  • Updating our directory pages on the website.
  • Anything else the organisation decides that it wants to do.

If you’d like to volunteer then please email

– we’d love to hear from you!