We are a UK-based mutual support group for those affected by childhood cataracts. Our members include:

  • parents, other family members, friends and carers of children affected by cataracts;
  • adults and young people who themselves had cataracts when they were children;
  • professionals working in fields with a childhood cataract connection such as medicine, education, social

The support we provide includes the following:

  • This website provides relevant information in a very accessible form (see links to the right). The
    Beginner’s Guide and Parenting Info sections will be invaluable for those whose children have recently been diagnosed with cataracts, and the Medical Info section provides some really useful background. The Personal Stories section tells real-life stories of children affected by cataracts, and of young people and adults who had cataracts when they were children.
  • We have an email group where members can chat about their day-to-day experiences and seek advice from the
  • We organize occasional events where our members and their families can get together, such as our very successful Family Weekend in August 2009.

If you have any questions or comments about this website,please email them to